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Upcoming Bull Sale


We will be offering a line-up of 18-month old and rising 2-year old Angus bulls. The majority of the bulls will be suitable for heifer joinings.

Inspections will commence at 10 am on sale day. Sale will commence at 12 pm and will be interfaced with AuctionsPlus. 

Please ensure you complete a buyer registration prior to sale if you wish to participate in the sale.

Bulls can also be inspected before sale day by appointment. Please contact us to arrange a time.

The Rock Leonardo S44 (ATZ21S44)

The Rock Quarterback S50 (ATZ21S50)

The Rock Quarterback S32 (ATZ21S32)

The Rock Leonardo S60 (ATZ21S60)

The Rock Leonardo S69 (ATZ21S69)

The Rock Phoenix S96 (ATZ21S96)

The Rock Komplete S74 (ATZ21S74)

The Rock Bartel S85 (ATZ21S85)

The Rock Quarterback T15 (ATZ22T15)

The Rock Quarterback T2 (ATZ22T2)

The Rock Komplete T28 (ATZ22T28)

The Rock Moe T18 (ATZ22T18)

The Rock Complement T17 (ATZ22T17)

The Rock Leonardo S73 (ATZ21S73)

The Rock Komplete S72 (ATZ21S72)

The Rock Ashland S105 (ATZ21S105)

The Rock Compass S71 (ATZ21S71)

The Rock Dusty S68 (ATZ21S68)

The Rock General S82 (ATZ21S82)

The Rock Paratrooper T22 (ATZ22T22)

The Rock Quarterback T10 (ATZ22T10)

The Rock Paratrooper T20 (ATZ22T20)

The Rock Bartel T27 (ATZ22T27)

The Rock Bartel T31 (ATZ22T31)

The Rock Judd T26 (ATZ22T26)

The Rock Phoenix S62 (ATZ21S62)

The Rock Leonardo S52 (ATZ21S52)

The Rock Komplete S90 (ATZ21S90)

The Rock Mosman S53 (ATZ21S53)

The Rock Bartel S79 (ATZ21S79)

Download our Bull Sale catalogue for further details

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