The Rock Angus began in 2009 with the purchase of cows and heifers from The Grange dispersal in Albury. Since then, we have sourced females on a regular basis from studs around New South Wales and Victoria to build the backbone of our breeding herd. Artificial insemination has been employed from the outset, utilising prominent sires from Australia, New Zealand and the US. Embryo transfers were introduced in 2016 to produce elite calves from the very best of our females.

We do genomic testing on all the animals on our property - males and females - and have done so since the technology first became available. i50K testing improves the accuracy of pedigree EBVs which allows us to select our best females as donors and helps us to match AI sires for those traits we are seeking to improve. It also gives the buyers of our bulls and females the most accurate information possible to assist them in their choices. Genomic testing includes parental verification which means that the purchaser can be assured that the animal being bought from us is exactly what is being paid for which is not always the case otherwise.

Our breeding focus is on calving ease, early calving and a strong birth weight to 600 day ratio. We have had no assisted calvings for the past 2 years. We also aim for strong carcase traits whilst maintaining positive fat scores and marbling.



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